The global business

An achievable aim for the Mediterranean

Fruit&Veg System offers the players of the fruit and vegetable sector the opportunity to meet with their international counterparts to generate real business opportunities.

As well as this, Fruit&Veg System offers innovative projects at international level that promote and support a business model in which the values ​​of the Mediterranean world play a strategic role.

Fruit &Veg System therefore offers exceptional visibility and a real opportunity to access global markets by adopting operational models for growth and internationalisation.

The global business

The global value of the supply chain

Fruit&Veg System’s structural platform

Fruit&Veg System is the only exhibition with the logistic, structural and relational potential to place the Mediterranean fruit and veg model at the heart of global competition and to promote the excellence that characterises all links in the supply chain, from farming to know-how, production, processing and distribution.

The global value of the supply chain

Fruit&Veg System

Mediterranean nature, global attitude

Fruit&Veg System is the annual international exhibition for the fruit and vegetable sector. The event provides an innovative B2B platform through which the Mediterranean System, and the prestigious Made In Italy brand, can connect and interface with the world market.

Quality, biodiversity, sustainability, tradition and culture are key values of the Mediterranean System and Fruit&Veg System promotes them as fundamental elements that contribute to a sustainable model of food production and development.

Fruit&Veg System is an important event for all stakeholders in the fruit and veg sector seeking to implement new business systems. It also provides a focus of attraction for the leading national and international players and a prestigious technical and economic stage for the world’s fruit and veg industry.